First of all, it should be said that Penegra, unlike many other means to increase potency – is not controversial part of unknown origin and uncertain steps. It is a generic of the most famous drug Viagra.

Viagra is manufactured by known pharmaceutical Pfizer, it has passed all the necessary pharmacological testing and received permission for its use by ministries of health around the world.

The history of its creation.

  • The company started testing Viagra as a new agent for the treatment of hypertension, but during the experiments on volunteers that its effect was not very significant. But after a series of tests, the volunteers did not want to return their remaining pills – it turned out that they significantly improve erection.
  • Researchers drew attention to this side effect, and found that the drug acts by selectively improving blood flow to the genitals. Thus, the blood flow during sexual arousal in the cavernous bodies of the penis is significantly increased, resulting in a stronger and more prolonged erection.

Viagra is really effective, quite a few of my patients use it, and mark a significant improvement in their sexual life.

  • You just need to remember that only a doctor can assess if not dangerous for the individual taking the drug. There are drugs, absolutely not compatible with it. Their combination with Viagra can lead to disastrous outcome – a sharp decrease in pressure, and even death!
  • Side effects are infrequent tablets, and generally do not require the termination of their use. This may be headache, nausea, abdominal pain, hot flashes, changes in color vision.
    It is important to know a few things.
  • In most cases, Viagra has been operating in the first or second attempt to use it. In some cases, it requires more attempts, so you should try it at least 4 times before making a conclusion about its ineffectiveness.

Viagra does not cause erections automatically – it just enhances it, so in any case, to get the effect you want to sexual stimulation.

Do not take Viagra on a full stomach – the food, especially fatty substantially impairs its absorption.

The drug takes effect after 30 minutes from the time of reception, and the effect lasts about 4 hours

In the same day, you can not take Viagra more than once.