Sam, 28
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My Review of Penegra – the effect is great, good and strong erection. In general, a fairly predictable effect. But generics can not be treated in a magic potion. They tend to work in the presence of a minimum of sexual arousal, and only then begin the effect. It just will not stand. And best of all three test and compare the generic Penegra, Cialis and Levitra and choose the most suitable.

Alex, 39
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I order Penegra regularly and enjoy sex 100%. In a typical pharmacy price of space, so I am ordering online. Cheaper, because other brands in the pharmacy, and here the same active ingredient Sildenafil 100 mg, but under a different name. And the effect is the same! Pobochek never observed. Tried different generics – and Cialis, and Levitra. But most of all I like the effect of Viagra.

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Andrew, 21
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Andrew, 21 years old, a student, a fitness trainer. I want to say I was not disappointed, the effect was crazy strong and long. Now I take Viagra, excellent tablet for 6 hours.

Ben, 44
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Generics are great! Some years ago- I could’t even think that you can pay so much less for the same drugs, it’s just amazing! I am very happy with generic Penegra. Even if it didn’t work good enough- you are not upset, you didn’t spend too much to buy it!

All, 52
★ ★

Viagra had no effect at all. I went to the doctor – he said my desease is one of ten about problems with potency. These pills didnt help, it is necessary to raise the testosterone other drugs. All because of the natural low. This hormonal abnormalities (eg, do not grow hair on his chest, and in general I want it once a week).